Some Simple Ideas On Crucial Issues Of Food Photography

Great light makes for great shots. Depending on what you're shooting, this ca be a problem. o For shots where you do want the subject mostly in focus, Ag. perhaps a pie, a tilt/shift lens can be invaluable. If you’re using top tips for 2015 on rational plans in photogrist a point-and-shoot, take a look at the pre-set settings. Photograph by Penny De Laos Santos When I’m on an assignment I’m always thinking about sense of place and how I can put my subject into context by giving an idea of location. It's very hard to get in-focus photographs without adequate light. Anthony11 May 14, 2011 12:19 pm o At food subject distances, you don't need a large aperture for shallow Dom. o Attend to a given lens' MD -- an 85mm f/1.8 prime, Ag., isn't going to focus closer than about three feet. Aperture also affects depth of field, a photography term that's all about how much of your image is in focus. Please correct me if it does not work that way.