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Keep track of the status on all orders. Obviously id love to sell more, but Cm hoping this coming year i get my photography out there more and get more sales. Pay As You Go purchases will pay you 30% of the US dollar price when someone downloads a single image. Love the fact that you have the paper/frame and glass choices and how easy it is to use and upload items to your site. The back of each card had my website and contact info and people always left with a couple of business cards too. If you're selling small prints, place them flat between two pieces of corrugated cardboard to minimize the risk of damage. Can second the auction idea. Places to Sell Your Photography I’m sure that you’ve heard the expression “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

1:14 Father who lost son to amoeba: 'Stay the hell out of the water' 0:48 Help doctors diagnose brain-eating amoeba; tell them you went swimming 0:28 Bluffton Community Center gets some much needed love from volunteers 0:48 Tips to stay safe and sane during Tax-Free Weekend 1:43 Recruits transform into US Marines: Week 12 VFT, Final Drill and The Crucible 0:31 Restaurant manager: New Bluffton median 'big inconvenience' 0:47 Beaufort mom wants to help parents-in-need with shop and swap 0:30 Fishing in the Lowcountry? You'll probably catch a shark 0:50 How big was the sandbar concert? Drone footage shows all More Videos Recruits transform into US Marines: Week 12 VFT, Final Drill and The Crucible Follow two recruits weekly on their journey to earn the title United States Marine: Joshua Hickman, Marion, Ohio; and Muhammed Pabon, Philadelphia, Pa. Week 12 involves final fitness testing, Final Drill and the fabled Crucible, where recruits invoke all their newly acquired skills especially those involving teamwork in various simulations of combat. Beaufort mom wants to help parents-in-need with shop and swap Megan Reed, a Beaufort mom, explains why she thinks it was important to start a Baby and Child Shop and Swap for Beaufort. Reed is hosting the third shop and swap event on Wednesday, August 3, 2016, at the Quality Inn at Town Center in Beaufort. New music video highlights epic Beaufort sandbar concert Country musician Patrick Cooper rocked the house or in this case a steel barge at an inaugural concert at the Beaufort River sandbar on July 16 . Check out one of the biggest hits of the 2016 Beaufort Water Festival now featured in Cooper's new video "Burn." It was by far the most unique show weve ever done, with hauling equipment out there in the middle of the ocean and playing the tides the way it needed to be, Cooper told the Island Packet. It couldnt have went any more perfect, man. Hilton Heat beaches buzzing despite record heat The morning of Aug. 1, 2016, was the 40th consecutive day of 90-plus-degree temperatures in Beaufort County, and Coligny Beach on Hilton Head Island was buzzing.

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You can sign up for a free account. For the amateur, you can get started selling your photographs very easily with bay and through your own websites, just as easily as experienced Photographers are doing already! Red Bubble has a strong community feel to it, so it helps to interact on the site to get yourself noticed. If they download your photo when they are on a subscription plan, then you will receive $0.36 per download. Word of mouth promotion can also come about as a result of having your framed work on the walls of local establishments. Once an order is placed through your store front, you get to select what happens to that order and where it is fulfilled. There's no better outcome for a seller than a bidding war on an auction-style listing; on the other hand, you may find your photos selling for less than you'd like if there's only one bid. It should go without saying that social networks are an essential part of your self-promotion.