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Hans Phil Bischoff (19) is a self-taught photographer who has taken excellent pictures at various events around the city. Hans Phil Bischoff (19) says he is a self-taught photographer. POLOKWANE  – The Gr 12 Economics and accounting stream learner at Capricorn High School aspires to pursue a career in the world of photography. He told BONUS Review he has always had a passion for photography, however, he says he only realised he could have a career in the field in December 2015. “I was in Lebowakgomo, in a place called Nkotokwane, at that time I was using my camera from my phone, I then asked my mum to buy me a camera. No one taught me how to take photographs, so yes, I can say that I am self-taught. I just woke up one day and started taking pictures of everything and everyone around me, it was just something I did for fun, and now I am getting called to come and take photos at weddings and events” he explains. The 19-year-old says he hopes to open a photography studio at home where he will work hard to build a name for himself as a professional photographer. “I want to cater for my community, provide them with good photographs at a reasonable price,” he adds.

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