It Seems That The Open Exchange Of Knowledge Speaks Not Only To The Passion Of These Artists, Into Three Horizontal And Vertical Parts.


You have to get the atmosphere first. Something de Rueda is adamant about is leaving the sites he explores in the exact state he found them – one of several reasons he is secretive when I try to ask about some of the locations featured in his images. The point, he says, is to leave no trace - to just take pictures, keep the memories and that’s it. In order to do just that, he always takes time to find the easiest way into a location, sometimes having to ask for official access, otherwise some sites are simply "impossible" to access. Equipment selection is also a big factor. Since you’re likely to find yourself often shooting in low light, de Rueda insists a tripod is absolutely essential. As a lot of locations are off-road and require long walks, minimal equipment is also recommended. De Rueda personally tries to manage with only one camera body, as well as two lenses (a wide-angle and a prime), a tripod, and a flashlight – the latter of which he sometimes uses within the photographs themselves, as you’ll see from his photo "The Lost Era," below. De Rueda talked me through some of his strongest images. The first, entitled The Lost Era, looks like it was taken underneath some sort of UFO.

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